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Lough Ouler – Ireland’s Heart-Shaped Lake

Lough Ouler – Ireland’s Heart-Shaped Lake

One of my favourite places to visit in Wicklow is a heart-shaped lake known as Lough Ouler.

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I had no idea that this beautiful heart-shaped lake even existed until I saw a photo on Instagram.

We set out with directions from the ever helpful wicklowwalks.com. As stated, the track was not very clear and there seem to be quite a few different trails around the place but once you figure out the general direction you need to be headed, you can work out the best way to get there!

View of the lake

It’s a relatively challenging walk but I did see a family with two young kids (maybe about 5 and 7 years old) tackling it quite happily. The ground is very uneven though and can be very muddy. That along with the fact there is not a clear trail all the way, could make it very difficult for some walkers.

  • Where is it: Wicklow
  • Difficulty level: Strenuous
  • How long the climb takes: 3 – 4 hours (we did it in 3.5), the loop can take about 6 hours.

Marcelo Magalhães

Marcelo Magalhães

Dublin, Ireland


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