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Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania via machame route for 7 Days. Let me know if you are interested for next trip soon.

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Victor Rogath
Victor Rogath

Published on 02/23/2020 03:37

Performed from 02/05/2020 to 02/12/2020



Pedro 04/27/2020 11:23


Victor Rogath
Victor Rogath 07/20/2020 04:36

We are planning to have trekking to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania as the highest mountain in Africa. Its the best and highest mountain in Africa, it has three volcanic cones, Kibo, mawenzi and Shira. We make your trip unforgettable while trekking with us. For 2021 we will take you to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro and you will not forgert your adventure with us, We will arrange Kilimanjaro trekking and advise for success summit Kilimanjaro climb. For more about us write an email info@taliinasisafaris.com

Victor Rogath

Victor Rogath


I/We do organise safari to Serengeti Tanzania & Mt Kilimanjaro as the highest mountain in Africa. Your adventure will be remarkable. Book with us info@taliinasisafaris.com

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