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Hiking at Chimney Bluffs

Hiking at Chimney Bluffs

Hiking at Chimney Bluffs State Park - one of the most spectacular views on Lake Ontario.


The Chimney Bluffs State Park, is located in Wayne County – NY, in the northern Finger Lakes region. At the water’s edge, the clay formations give a beautiful natural formation alongside Lake Ontario shore.

The park has 6km of nature trails with a 1,5km stretch giving visitors a hint of the bluffs from several spots. We first had taken the Bluff Trail (2km), because this is the one that travels all times along the edge of the Bluffs. We received strict orientation about don't get too close to the edge of the cliffs as the ground can be unstable. They mean what they say about edges being eroded!

The scenario is, at least, incredible. The sand and stone spires reach dozens of meters into the air and the water is so blue! It was amazing!

We came back by a different trail (Drumlin + East West Trails) heading to the parking lot. These trails were a moderate hike with lots of tree roots to walk on.

However, the closeness to nature made this route as pleasant as the first one. It took about three hours of hiking, perfect for summertime :)

I do recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to know this place! It's a hidden beauty that has changed a lot over time. Definitely, a good option for families and friends, who wants to spend some time together and close to nature, whether picnicking, hiking or resting. The sunset is, at least, awesome!

This is an opportunity to overcome your own laziness and go outdoors!

Ana Retore
Ana Retore

Published on 01/11/2017 19:35

Performed on 06/21/2014



Ana Retore

Ana Retore

Videira-SC Oswego-NY Curitiba-PR


Porque, no futuro, vou mostrar esse perfil para os meus netos 😊

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