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Ana Retore
27 Publications
Bruno Negreiros
57 Publications
Cristina Brazil
2 Publications
Daniel Costa da Silva
1 Publication
Fabiana Pessoa
10 Publications
Fabio Fliess
77 Publications
Gabi E Marcos
8 Publications
Guilherme Cavallari
16 Publications
Júnior (Barba Ruiva)
2 Publications
Keila Beckman
11 Publications
Kelvin Vieira da Rosa
5 Publications
Leandro Colli
7 Publications
Maressa de Proenca
1 Publication
Mariana Ricatieri
7 Publications
Patrícia Valente
0 Publication
Paulo Moura
0 Publication
Rafael Damiati
8 Publications
Renan Cavichi
85 Publications
Sobre Mapas E Montanhas
6 Publications
Thiago Freela
8 Publications
Varatuba Adventure
19 Publications
Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia

São Paulo


If our lives are dominated by search for happiness, then perhaps few activities reveal as much about the dynamics of this quest -in all its ardour and paradoxes- than our travels.A